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Erbil Refinery

Erbil Refinery is located in khabat district, at kawrkosek, 40 km west of Erbil city, and it occupies a land of 2.5km² to the left of upper Zab River. The refinery is composed at this stage of three production lines for crude oil refining and the production and storage and distribution and supply of petroleum products as per applied standards, which represent the 1st plant for crude oil refining in Kurdistan region. The actual construction works in this refinery started in 2005 as per a contract between the ministry of oil and the ministry of industry & minerals, and the planned schedule was to complete all the work in June 2006, but due to many financial and technical obstacles, the work was delayed, and the percentage of completion reached only 80% by Nov. 2008, which persuaded the government of Kurdistan region to terminate the construction works as per this contract and initiate a new contract with KAR Group to finish the works on the basis of national investment principles. Accordingly a new time schedule was fixed including also the import and supply of the remaining equipment.

This work was achieved as per the agreed upon time table and the 1st commissioning Works commenced in mid-2009 which was a successful landmark for utilizing and employing labors locally who were employed, trained for the operation of all production units and the related supporting technical departments including, maintenance, laboratory, quality control, fire protection, inspection and test, and all administration. The 1st production line started operation on 18/7/2009, as being the 1st refinery in Kurdistan region and operated by Kar group, which was containing two units for crude oil refining in a capacity of 10,000bpd each and also units for white products desalination. The equipment for all these units were manufactured at ministry of industry workshops according to designs by Howe Baker KAR Company the refinery is supplied with crude oil from khurmala oil fields through a 20" pipeline.

The refinery produces the following Oil products: Naphtha, Kerosene, Gasoil (Desel), Fuel Oil, Gasoline (Automobile’s Benzine) and Liquid Gas (after operating the second production line). These products are stored and distributed in storage tanks and then transported through loading stations by tankers, or may be pumped through a pipe to Erbil Depot according to the request. The storage capacity of the refinery storage tanks is double that of the production capacity. At the same time of putting the first production line in operation, the second line was planned and its construction started in order to double the production capacity of the refinery. The second production line included an Oil refining unit of 20,000 B/D capacity and units for Naphtha improvement in both lines in order to produce improved Benzene with 95 Octane number. These units include a unit for Naphtha Hydration at a capacity of 9000 B/D, a unit for Benzene improvement at a capacity of 6000 B/D, a unit for Light Naphtha Isomerization at a capacity of 2500 B/D, in addition to the liquid Gas recovery at a capacity of 70 tons/Day. Other facilities include products storage tanks, technical services and power generation unit producing 8 to 8.5 MW for the operation of the two refinery production lines in addition to the power supply for the national grid to the first line.

To construct this 2nd production line KAR signed a contract with Ventech Company from USA and of 2009 to design, manufacture and procure the refinery equipment, whereby it was installed and operated in October 2011 by the refinery personnel in cooperation with a number of foreign experts. At the time of operation of the 2nd production line, our company was planning to construct a third refinery at a capacity of 40,000 B/D with the same units and specifications of the 2nd line, whereby a contract was signed with Ventech Company, whereby at the end of this phase the total capacity of the refinery will reach 80,000 B/D. It is worth mentioning that all execution and construction works done by our company’s engineering and technical personnel’s, whereby the total man-hour reached 750,000 for each production line. The number of staff at the refining is recently around 800 in different specialties.

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