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KAR Security & Safety Company was founded in 2008 from a clear understanding and need for cost effective, flexible security, safety, training, operations, and logistics solutions to enhance and support security, peace, and freedom throughout the world.

At KAR Security & Safety we believe all personnel within any organization require a sense of security to enhance and increase their productivity allowing them to get thejob done on schedule.

KAR Security & Safety is not just another "private security company." Our highly trained disciplined professionals are prepared to mobilize on short notice to support and fulfill our client’s requirements. With our “Can Do” approach we provide tailored Security, Safety, Logistics, and Life Support Solutions. In doing so, we offer your organization a complete range of services under one roof thus reducing the associated stress of working with multiple vendors and allowing you to focus and achieve your business objectives.

KAR Security & Safety is committed to building strong client relations through quality, dependable, and consistent service regardless of location, duration, or difficulty. These values translate to company operations through the hands-on approach of the company management team.

KAR Security & Safety management believes it is essential to be highly accessible and responsive to our clients. For that reason, we maintain a 24/7 On Call roster to ensure rapid response to any emergencies and other client related needs.

The Management Team

Manager (Security & Safety): brings over 25 years of professional security,  operations, and business management experience to the company. His hands-on  management approach and personal attention to detail ensures our clients receive a tailor made service second to none.

Deputy Manager (Security & Safety): brings over 10 years of in country professional  security and operational experience to the company. His local operational area  knowledge ensures KAR Security & Safety is always meticulously prepared for any situation.

Our Services

Security & Safety Services: we provide;

Static Site Protection – KAR Security personnel are tasked to protect government and commercial facilities in some of the harshest environments worldwide. Being professionally trained and disciplined in the proper Rules of Engagement, Rules for Use of Force, defensive tactics, techniques, and procedures, area defense, Quick Reaction Force, and more, KAR Security personnel will stand above the rest as the highly trained professionals we are.

Close Protection (CP) & Personal Security Details (PSD) – KAR Security provides mature disciplined professionals to government and commercial clients worldwide. Our CP & PSD teams are manned by a combination of International and Local security operators, allowing us to rapidly adapt our security profile to meet our client’s requirements.

Convoy Protection – KAR Security Convoy Escort Teams are highly trained in the use of convoy security tactics, techniques, and procedures enabling them to travel hundreds of kilometers over multiple days in some of the most dangerous regions safely and effectively ensuring our client’s goods and materials are delivered in the same condition they were received.

Risk Assessments, Security & Safety Surveys – We have qualified personnel designated to conduct client and/or company required risk assessments and/or

security & safety surveys regardless of project type, size, or location. Professional Training Solutions (Security & Safety) – We deploy international highly experienced Mobile Training Teams providing customized training solutions to meet all our client’s training requirements.

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